LVW-5001 quietly deciding not to do timed recording

Has anyone experience a case where an LVW-5001 (or 5xxx?) has
just quietly said to itself “to heck with doing that timed recording
event my owner asked for …I’ll ignore it and leave the status column
set to “ok””? Our has increased the frequency with which it does this :frowning:

Ours is on firmware 1180. Note that it doesn’t even try turning itself
on…I’ve happened to observe it “forget” a couple of times. The clock
has the correct time, and the timer setup shows the correct date/time,
but…nada. It’s gone from forgetting every 20th time to nearly
every other time.


@sieler - by any chance is there any events timed that overlap when this happens? Or maybe even the same stop date on one and and start on another. I dunno if it would consider this to be overlapping but maybe change one by a minute and see what happens. Overlapping times is mentioned in the trouble shooting section.