LVW-5001 LiteOn DVD recorder

I do not know if this is a good forum to start posting about this recorder, but if people are interested, I have one and have been using it for 3 weeks. I think it is the same as the Gateway DVD recorder, everything looks the same down to the remote and the connections.
For a cheap $280.00USD 1st time DVD recorder, it works fine for me. The +RW discs work on my Apex, Norcent, Samsung DVD players and my portable Pioneer player. The DVD’s will play on my Thinkpad laptop if I use Windows media, I have a Power DVD software program from Cyberlink and it will not play the DVD+RW.

This recorder does a very good job at 1, 2 & 4 hours, all the DVD’s can be viewed on the other players I have with expected degradations in quality at the longer recording times. The 6 hour mode is only watchable on the LiteOn unit itself and that quality is marginal.

My Apex is region free, so I can play a DVD on the Apex and record on the LiteOn. The quality is very good at the 2 hr mode, good enough for small TVs and the portable, but not as good as the Original DVD seen on a 35" set but passable.

The plus is when you load you recorded DVD, it is quick and easy to jump to the program you want to see, makes VCR program hunting obsolete.
The negative is I cannot find a way to stop watching a program and go back to the disc menu to select another progran without ejecting and reloading the disc.
Another negative, when you press record, the recorder keeps going until it reaches the end of the disc or until you stop it. I wish each push=30 min record time like there is on a VCR. But you do have a very easy timer to set up with the remote.

The next generation will probably resolve these and other issues that will annoy people. But at $280, it is a very good start. My first VCR cost me $650 in 1984 and was a big pain to use.
FYI - I bought my LiteOn at CompUSA. I missed a special they had where it was available for $250.


I think it is the same as the Gateway DVD recorder

The Gateway recorder is rebagged Lite-ON LVW-5001 :wink:


Newly bought a LVW5001. I checked website for its chipset design and it shows ¡°LSI DMN-8600". Is it just advanced than others on this point and is this the reason of its poor return rate in Walmart?

So how good it would be this time hardwarely?

I found another forum on the LiteOn DVD recorders and in it found that LiteOn has been upgrading the software for both the motherboard and the drive. My unit, purchased ion Dec 17 was 2 software revision levels down. The list of “Fixes” for each update was impressive. There were problems I had not experienced yet. I followed the instructions, downloaded the upgrades and re flashed the software. The one big problem, setting up a record time of 1 hour and it only recorded for 56 min has been corrected, 1 hr is 1 hr.

My guess is that the returned units were lower software revisions and that these units will be upgraded and sold as referb units, for probably for around $200.

At this point, I still like the unit, it meets my needs. Some day when I buy a 16:9 760p tv, I will need better equipment (this is only a 480p recorder).


The one big problem, setting up a record time of 1 hour and it only recorded for 56 min has been corrected, 1 hr is 1 hr.

This issue has been fixed by the latest firmware.

i believe more in hardware.

thanks for your tip.

actually the “poor return rate” means seldom return and I was told it’s because of a better chipset solution.

I like ready solution in stead of “handy”. I am all thumbs with electronic gears although planning for a long time to enjoy more DIY fun with home entertainment.

I hope it’s good for good. Really feel at lost when challenged on my knowledge of the new tech. I had a hard time to figue out what’s going on with the firmware. :rolleyes:

But anyway I think it’s worth a try. :smiley:

Has anyone else encountered the problem that the 5001 will not record 60 minutes @ HQ on a standard 4.7G +R? 55mins is fine, but if you try 60 minutes, when you try to stop the recording, the machine’s dispay flashes “stop” intermniably. If you leave it to timeout overnight or reset by pullin the power cord, the disc comes up as faulty/unreadable & cannot be played or finalized. I wonder if this is related to the earlier “56 minute record limit”
issue that was “fixed” in FW 1129? This problem makes it really difficult to do a simple transfer of 1 hour DV tapes to DVD.

I also note some “blockiness” on the MPEG encoding of small faces from DV. Has anyone else seen this?


Please make sure you update your recorder with the latest firmware available as Lite-On is fixing most found bugs with every new release.

That’s the latest according to their WS & CS. I don’t know where the later quoted versions 1135 & 1141(?) came from, I havn’t seen them on their site.


Harvey James

you’re not looking in the right place.

On arriving home last night I checked & I had 1141 in there. Still, I did another update (lest my earlier one had failed, though the “bios” should have shown me that I guess?).

I ran anther 1 hour DV in at SP & it still hangs when you stop it. So I’m really suspicious that that is why the 56 minute limit was there.

Still, for $250 it’s a good buy fo now. I’m personally a JVC fan for “home entertainment” gear, & it’s strange thay have not entered the US market for DVD recorders (though they have in Europe & are about to in Japan - the other NTSC empitre).


Harvey James

There is real lite-on 5001 forum too, and they have said in a post by a lite-on person we get 1143 next week so check back next week