LVW-500 recording stops during VHS transfer

I am trying to transfer 2 hour long VHS tapes to DVD. These are homemade audience shot camcorder recordings which have been previously transfered to the VHS tapes and some are compilations of various clips. My problem is that the 5005 starts recording fine but then automatically stops recording after approx 20 or 40 minutes of recording. It is frustrating because the program gets chopped before it is over. These tapes do not have macrovision. Please help!

Sticker on box: s/n 60244106669 FLNFA1090 D:G2BP HI-POT OK
Manufactured Sept. 2004

Also I have been reading about firmware upgrades on this forum unfortunatley I cannot quite understand what I need to do to accomplish the macrovision removal/3 hr. mode upgrade. Can some kind soul please help to guide me? Thanks!