LVW 4045 no sound on recordings


My first post in this forum will be some so many others a question.

I bought my LVW 5045 (UK) 13 months ago now. I haven’t used it very much since I bought it, but lately I have been recording quite a lot from Sky. Aproximately 40% of the timer recordings are without sound. The scart from the Sky box is new, all cables are. Some recording are missing sound the first minute or two and some are missing all together. The last 60% are good.

Another strange thing is if I have my 5045 switched on for quite a while I lose the passthrough of scart in signal so I need to have the recorder switched on if I want to watch tv.

Have anyone else had these problems, one or the other or both and are there any fixes around?

Thanks for any replies in advanced!


Anyone in here who can have any clue to what the problem is?

sounds like a bad cable problem.

So did I think, but still as bad with a new scart and that’s the only cable. And I always have sound on pass-through so it can’t be that.

Thanks for answering :).