LVW-1105HC Set record timer past record limit DVD - cause invalid Disc error

:doh: :bow: :a I ran into a problem where I was recording on SLP speed. I already record about 4 1/2 hours. I then set up my timer record for 1 hr 45 mins. I figure if there wasn’t enough space on the DVD-R (compusa 4x 1.7 GB) that the recorder would stop at it’s max cap. Instead when I turn the recorder back on to check the recording, I lost everything!!! I got a Invalid disc error! I called Lite on and tech support said I lost what I recorded. Is this true?!? can I retrieve it?? I hasn’t been finalize so nothing else will recognize it. I was advise not to set timer record to go over the DVD recording limit. Has anyone done something as stopid as this??

Also I recorded AVI files on my pc to the DVD-R. Supposely the recorder is to recognize the DVD instead it comes back invalid disc. anyone else has this problem?? :bow: :o