LVW-1105HC Review


I bought the LVW-1105HC from OfficeMax for $60 before tax and today hooked it up.

I wanted to ask are there any good reviews out there for the player?

Since I had chosen this over the Philips DP642.

Now, look wise the player and remote look like a toy, but am testing out the recording feature right now, seems to be fine.

Another question I have is that the sound seems to be better in DVD Mode for the same channel than with my regular TV? Now, is this because of the DVD tuner, or does this mean that my sound on the TV has been degraded, by runnign the coaxial through the DVD player?

Plus, are there any hacks for region free and removing macrovision.

Lastly, do you feel that this dvd player is a better choice than the Philips.

I would appreciate all the help, since I have I think 1-2 before I can return it under OfficeMax’s 14 day return policy.

Thanks again.

i was wondering same thing about reviews with the recorder/player