LVW-1105HC+ - has anyone upgraded one?

hi all,

Has anyone sucessfully downloaded and upgraded a LVW-1105HC+ with new firmware?

If so can you do a quick explanation of what your did?

I’ve downloaded the file:

burned it with Nero, put in the machine and nothing happens!

Should there be more than 1 file on the cd?

thanks - andy

That should be the only file you need :wink:

When I go to update my LiteOn LVW-5045, I have a file with the same extension, write it to a CD-RW (with verification), put the disc in the LiteOn and within a minute up comes a message asking if I want to update the firmware.

When you burn the file, make sure ‘CD-ROM (ISO)’ is chosen and just in case it is an issue with the ISO settings, match them up with my screenshot below. When you begin the burn process, make sure ‘Verify written data’ is chosen. Alternatively, if Nero still gives issues, use the Windows disc writing system to write the disc as it will create a compliant disc. To do this, right-click on the file, click ‘Send To’ and select your CD/DVD recorder from the list. Click the balloon that that appears on the bottom of the screen and then click ‘Write these files to CD’. The default volume name should be fine. Finally follow the on-screen wizard.

When you place the written disc in the DVD Recorder, give it at least a minute to recognise it as I have seen my DVD Recorder take over a minute one time to recognise the firmware update disc. :wink:


I’ll give it another go then.

Although I’ve been on to Liteon customer services a few times now as well and all they do is keep repeating the instructions listed on their site - and don’t seem to have an answer for my specific question of “Yes - I’ve done that, but it still won’t work!”

Is it that the machine is relatively quite new (over here (UK) anyway), and they have not fully tested it???


Did you ever get this to work?
I am having the same problems.

Is there anyway to display the current level of firmware on this machine?

I think I read somewhere else that (on another Lite-On model) the CD had to be labelled a certain way, could this be the problem?

Anyone else updated the firmware successfully?



I did eventually come across a solution in that the firmware update being applied must match the firmware region already on the DVD recorder. For some reason, some of the LVW-1105HC+'s sold in the UK have German firmware on them with the language set to English. As a result, only newer German firmware can be loaded. For example, if your DVD recorder has a sticker on the side mentioning “LNMRG018” for the firmware, then the new firmware must be in sequence, such as “LNMRG019.DA3” (German firmware). Then again, it is possible to set the languages back to English after the frimware update.

See the following thread for more information:

To avoid having two threads going on covering the same issue, I’ve closed this thread. If you still have issues updating, feel free to use the above thread. :slight_smile: