LVW-1101HC1 Scans

The LVW-1101HC1 using default firmware LMNBU015. I will be flashing the latest firmware LMNBU018 soon. The first 2 photos I used Verbatim 16X DVD+R MCC004 (MCC 004) and the third photo I used Verbatim 1X-4X DataLifePlus DVD+RW MKMA02 (MKM A02). The Verbatim 16X only got a 84 quality score and I suspect it’s because that media was made to be burned at higher speeds. The Verbatim 1X-4X got a quality score of 90. I think I may get higher scores using Verbatim’s DigitalMovie DVDs. Verbatim DigitalMovie DVDs great media for set-top DVD recorders? Anyone know what the HC1 stands for in LVW-1101HC1. Lite-On makes a LVW-1101, LVW-1101HC and LVW-1101HC1 set-top DVD recorder.