LVW-1101HC1 Newbie- Will DVDs Play on Other Machines?

I just got a Lite-On LVW-1101HC1 a week ago. I recorded something from my Dish Network TIVO receiver. It plays on my Lite-On and also on my PC, but a friend’s 2-year-old DVD player wouldn’t recognize the disk at all. When I tried to “finalize” the DVD (which the manual says is necessary to play on other media) it will not go through that step - just skips to the next screen. I’m really, really ignorant about these things. So is the bottom line that anything I record on this machine can’t be viewed on older players? How old is the cutoff?

Thanks for any advice.

Are you using rewritable disks? Some of my rewritables skip the “finalize” step but seem to work anyway. Also try to find another friend’s DVD player to try out your disk. Friend one may have a pickey player. If neither fix works, take the recorder back for exchange. Good Luck…

Or copy the disk on a PC, to a +r with ROM booktype or a -R. Also, once ripped on the PC, try running it through CloneDVD to convert it from DVD +VR format to DVD Video.