LVW 1101HC1 and RF modulator problem

I have a serious problem with a Liteon 1101HC1. The recorder had to be connected to the tv with a RF modulator since the tv is older (of course the manual said nothing about that). If the recorder is off, the tv works fine through its remote, so cable is coming through. There is no cable box. I have not even attempted to hook up the VCR to the recorder.

Problem: I cannot get the DVD player to lock on any channels at all. If the recorder is powered on, get white static only on all channels. Called service and tech said that can’t lock channels so that they are visible when the DVD player is on since I’m using RF modulator. He said to set the station want to record and set recording time, etc, then turn off. Then he said something about changing source on recorder and on tv(which worked just fine when it was connected to the VCR). I’m not super techie, but usually competent and he made no sense at all.

Does this mean that I can’t watch tv while the DVD recorder records or that I can’t control channel changes with the DVD remote?

As far as I can tell, the manual mentions nothing about RF modulators or older tvs. Nor does it explain the whole changing sources thing.

I’m desperate since the store won’t take it back since purchased over 30 days ago even though the manual and box were misleading (Best Buy- any surprise). Any help appreciated.

Do you have any signal input to the DVR? You need to connect the cable or an antenna to the DVR in order to see any channels.

I suspect your white static is no signal.

Check Your manual, but i believe that the Rf cable output on the dvr is only a pass through. Once the DVR is powered up there will be no signal at the cable output. Can you connect the composite (yellow,red white) cables to the Rf modulator box and then to TV?