LVW-1101H & Digital Cable - audio issues?

Hello all… hoping someone can shed some light.
I got the LVW-1101H from Best Buy on Black Friday. Brought it home, and hooked up device so that it was receiving signal from my digital cable box. The result was picture that looked fine, but an extremely low audio level. Recording TV again resulted in good video signal with overly-low volume. Tried replacing cable with RCA cables (making sure to switch input selector in LVW-1101H menu) with no better results. When I play any DVDs I own in the device, however, audio level is fine.

I assumed I had a faulty device, and brought it back for replacement. The replacement model had the exact same issue. I then tried bypassing the digital cable box, and running cable directly from the wall into the LVW-1101H. It worked just fine.

Anyone had a similar problem? Anyone know of a firmware update that might correct this issue? Anyone suggest an alternate wiring method that would solve the problem? (eg. I haven’t tried running digital cable through VCR into LVW-1101H)

btw. I’m in NYC area and using a cable box provided by Time Warner Cable.

Thanks for any insight someone can provide!

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