LVM-5115GHC+ audio problem

Please help, I amtrying to get 5.1 playback from this DVD recorder but not able to. I am interfacing to a Sony Home theater HT-DDW750 ahich has a digital input jack but for some reason doesn’t detect the digital audio out of the Lite-on.
I do get dolby digital sound but not full 5.1 sound. If I can’t fix this it will be returned…any suggestions?

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As far as I’m aware of, the only settings you need to configure on the Lite-On for digital out is ensure both MPEG and Digital Out (in the Audio set up menu) are set to Bit Stream. If you have been able to get your speaker system to work with other equipment using the same coaxial digital input, then it is most likely a fault with the Lite-On’s digital output socket.

If you are just getting a few channels via the coaxial set up, double check the settings on your speaker system to ensure that it is configured for 5.1, as many speaker systems can easily be configured to stereo, 4.1, etc. by mistake such as by changing to a different preset. Finally, when you begin playing a DVD, go into the DVD menu’s audio set up and ensure that 5.1 or DTS is selected (depending on the disc). I have even encountered several DVDs marked as Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS that don’t use all of the channels (particularly the centre channel).

Thanks for the tips. I managed to get it to work by connecting a SONY dvd player which seemed to kickstart the digital jack at the amp. Now it all seems to working fine.

Glad to see you get the amplifier working :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention about giving another DVD player a try, since virtually every single DVD player on the market in the past few years has either optical or coaxial digital out. Hopefully your amp will continue to recognise the DVD recorder if it is powered off over a period of time. :wink: