LVD 2001 and LVD 2002

Firmware from LiteON DVD players models LVD 2001 and LVD 2002 is based on Linux which have GPL license.

According to GPL license, LiteON should provide binaries and source code of their firmware.

I have send then emails about this but I did not receive any replay for more than 1 month.

Anyone know where/how can I get this sources to continue firmware developement/support for this DVD players after LiteON discontinued support for this 2 players ?

Here you can see that LiteON stop support for this DVD players:


Damn, that would be nice.

It’s a damn shame lite-on have discontined support for these. I love my LVD-2001, and I would love someone out there to continue to update the firmware for this player.

I do hope Lite-On release the binaries and source, not that I could do much with it, but with new codecs, and new revisions of codecs continually being released, without updates, I may have to get another player :-(. And I’ve only had this LVD-2001 for like a month.

Hope you can get what you need.