LVC-9016G DVD Tray

The tray will not open from the front panel or the remote. All I get is a clicking sound. There is no disc in the tray.

Tried turning the power on and off?

Every other function works including load/eject tape.
How would power on/off cure this?
I really do appreciate your response.

Might reset the system in away (e.g reset cogs and that inside near tray) and then again could do nothing. Sounds like the tray is getting jammed inside.

One of my mates tray got jammed last week, and basically he pulled out the DVD Tray (not bright) so the actual machine thought it had ejected as normal so when he pressed for it to go back in, it would not because he had pulled the cog inside to a different position so when he pressed ‘‘eject’’ it would try closing and when he pressed close it would try and open so everything went backwards.

I’m thinking maybe in some way yours is jammed in that fashion. Not that you pulled it out but something’s jamming it, maybe the disc tray cog which eject and closes.

Remove top cover, move unit close to you PC connect cables to drive and eject from PC commands.

Hello- Could You Explain This Better?
I Don’t Understand The Pc And Cable Idea.

Move the DVD recorder next to your computer and connect the computer cables from you internal DVD drive to the drive on the DVD recorders drive then with power up eject from the computers commands.

Hello again-
I now understand but I cannot do that because the LV is not near a pc with a dvd.
I do not have a pc with a dvd drive.
Thank you for your effort, but I wonder if there could be some mechanical problem.

You just unplug the LV and move it you don’t power it up. No need for your PC to have a DVD drive a CD drive will be fine you just need the cables for a few mins.