LVC-9016G - All Copy Functions WORKING!



this is confirmed. I read various posting about the LVC-9016G NOT being able to disable macro …NOT TRUE…
my unit is NOW working with BOTH Outside & INSIDE dubbing, I have tried all disks, and tapes and recording is no problem. Utilise FW LNNFU091.E46 and use ilo hacker.

I had to run the disk in my machine THREE times and the third was the charm. Also enabled is the 3rh Recording

Searching file.
Found Macrovision Hex String at 0x001DF0D7.
Removed Macrovision.
Found Main Checksum at 0x000000FB.
Could not find LP checksums. (Skipping LP Hack)
Added Region Free.
Saved Hacked file to…
C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\Hacked\LNNFU091.E46

If anyone would like some more info regarding, I will send along photos to assist others. Like all I was real bothered when I found out this unit could not be modded. Not no more. I have tried various disk that my LG recorder will not even look at. Give it a try. :slight_smile:


Yes, can you explain your steps!! Thanks!


Yea, we just got a Lite-On LVC-9016G and I just looked up to see if anyone has removed the macrovision. Any chance on getting some more details? I have the ilo, just having an issue with finding the fw.


I 'm thinks he’s “bogus” (hense his screen name). Tried the Ilo hack it doesn’t work, searched all over. I don’t think it’s doable for this machine


Has anyone received a response from the original poster regarding information on hacking and implementing the firmware yet? or is this a joke?:frowning:



download firmware here
I ran ILO hacker on it and it appears to modify the firmware. I don’t have a unit to try it on. I am trying to decide if I want to buy one. Has anyone else had success loading the firmware and dubbing a macrovision protected tape?


Here is how I got this working.

  1. Updated the firmware
  2. Bought a RF Modulatar (Dynex) from Best Buy ($22)
  3. Hooked the RV to the modulator
  4. Hooked the LVC9016G to the modulator
  5. All is working