LVC-9006 Tape Audio Distortion!


I just purchased an LVC-9006. The VHS tapes have clicking (distortion) at times. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks very much.

To add to my previous post - It seems I notice the distortion on commercially recorded tapes and not my own. I’m guessing the commercially recoreded tapes have higher quality audio. I wonder if sound within a certain range is causing the problems. Any ideas?


If it’s kind of a rattling distortion, it could be a tracking problem. I have noticed this on many VHS hifi decks where the tracking is near the edge of usable range - first there’s some distortion on the hifi tracks, then I see a little static in the picture, then it drops to the linear tracks the farther off the tracking gets. How about tapes recorded in another VCR?

I think I may have found the problem. I’m running the system through a S-Video switch box that amplifies the signal. Although other devices are fine wth it, it could be this VHS has a higher line level output and the amplification is distorting it. I’ll change the hookup and know soon enough. Thanks for the info.