LVC-9006 Macrovision hack - Anybody?

I bought this LVC-9006 just over a year ago and have, in most part, been contented. For my purposes it has been great, because I wanted the record-VHS-to-DVD capability to pirate educational tapes, which almost never have copy protection.

Except when they do. This is frustrating! I can copy/hack DVDs on my laptop with requisite software, but not lame old VHS?

Just did a re-scan of all the best forums that I know of, and came up with the same unhelpful posts I found a year ago. The only potentially useful byte that I found was that if my firm ware is >= XXXX1098 that I can’t apply the ILO/LiteOn macrovision hack [ul]Has anyone successfully applied a MV hack to an LVC-9006?[/ul]

  • How do I know what firmware version I have? And, then, does the LVC-9006 have firmware prior to XXX098 out there (or how can I find out)?
  • Is there some how to kludge around this frustration, using the other equipment I have squirreled away – a ~2.5 year old Sony DVD player and an ancient >12 y old Samsung VCR?

This feels so strange, hacking DVDs and not being able to hack ancient VHS. So it goes.

Many thanks for any help and for prior helpful responses,


This unit cannot conquer Macrovision.

However, with another VHS player, with
preferably stereo outputs, a video stabilizer
and just a little patience, you can record
these pesty VHS tapes.

Use the inputs in the front of your LVC-9006,
which are down on the bottom right-corner.

Make sure the video from the external VHS is
leading into the stabilizer and then from there
to the LVC-9006.

Use the DVD recorder to record the tape.

This should work. I am doing it, right now. I
am wondering if this stabilizer could be im-
proved on, as I saw a couple of flaws but
it is working. I am 95% happy with this pro-
cess. I think I will get another stabilizer.


Does anyone have or know where I can
get this firmware update?


I read that someone was successful, with
the ILOHack of this particular firmware.

Get a Sima CT-200 Digital Video Duplicator. Hook it up between the VCR and DVD recorder. This should take care of your problem.