LV 5005 PAL to NTSC approach



I have one of these beasties on order from, 150USD including shipping.
Has anyone tried to create a LITE ON PAL DVD from a PAL VHS tape and then play the DVD on an NTSC tv?

Reason I ask is my son visited recently from the UK with DVD’s copied locally in the UK but without any region control. I was very surprised to see these work perfectly in our JVC DVD player outputing to a Panasonic NTSC tv. They also played perfectly on my laptop.

I know several folks have had problems making an NTSC DVD from a PAL VHS source, but has anyone tried to make a PAL VHS to PAL DVD (LIte ON) and take out the region coding? Does it play back on an NTSC tv?




This should work ok but it would be best to output to a Pal compatible TV as PAL uses more lines (you would need to set the Lite-on to Pal mode in this case). The Liteon seems to be clever enough to read Pal and output NTSC though (and vice versa).


The Lite-On 5005 can record in PAL or NTSC, however in order to do the recording, you will need to have a suitable TV that supports both formats before you do the recording. The Lite-On will play both types of DVDs as either standard, for example play a PAL DVD with the output set to NTSC.

To set up your DVD recorder to record a PAL video source as a PAL DVD, first connect your DVD recorder up to a multistandard TV that supports PAL & NTSC. Most TV tuners support both standards also. Next, set your Lite-On DVD recorder to PAL mode. Pop in a blank DVD and let it initialise it. As the DVD recorder is set to PAL mode, this disc will be prepared as a PAL DVD. Now, hook up your PAL VHS (compatible) Video Recorder to your Lite-On and start the recording. Once complete, finalise your DVD and then set your DVD player back to NTSC mode. :wink:

Note that NTSC and PAL have nothing to do with the regioning on a DVD. In fact, it is technically possible to have a region 2 (or higher number) NTSC DVD or a Region 1 PAL DVD. DVDs recorded in standalone DVD players have no regionining can be played in any DVD player that is compatible with the recording TV standard.