Lunatic tried too hit me Head on in me motor

I might have too sell me motor, some idiot tried too have a head on collision in an attempt too kill me. I was doing 30mph in a 60mph area, a woman in front was causing the queue so I looked ahead and there was some traffic over a mile away, as soon as I won’t too overtake this woman she speeded up FFS, this caused the cars in the other lane to approach too rapidly, so I dropped too 2nd gear hit and 60mph and straight into 3rd hit 90mph and this stupid lad approacing me, was accellerating and was on a sucide mission I thought WTF and floored me motor and pulled in within 2 feet of him hitting me head on. If I had never had my Turbo boosted and other mods he would have hit me head on, that was his intention.

So selling me motor now, very few were made in the UK, it is the cleanest Nissan 200SX around and it is K plate, PAS, EW CL, 1.8ltr 16v Twin cam Fuel Injected Turbo with a booster fitted, a K&N FilterCharger, and a Baily Dump Valve, plus 4 brand new Pirrelli 205 tyres, wider than the older 195’s, and has brand new mega bright Haligens which are hidden away under popup lights. :smiley:

Full Service History, Log book, all the major services carried out by nissan, previous 5 MOT’s plus mine which is valid till July 2003 and its Taxed till May 2003. Something alot of owners don’t have!

Fitted with a Vectra Cat 1 immobilser, have the fitters documents as well. :wink:

Top Speed 150mph

Rear Wheel drive as well, but has a seperate onboard ABS computer, unlike the BMW’s which have only front ABS brakes, I have front and rear Thats the Japs for yah

I have been told its worth @ a least 3k for the condition of the entire car. I need the money as I plan on going back to the states to stay with my friends again in North Carolina, but for 2 months this time, possibly 3. Need a break from the depressing UK!

Send me an E-mail if interested and we will sort something out.

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As of time of writing, you owe CD Freaks .11 USD.

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Topic closed, bill sent. :wink:

You forgot to include year model and distance travelled.

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