LulzSec releases 'law enforcement sensitive' info on AZ police

LulzSec releases ‘law enforcement sensitive’ info on AZ police.

[newsimage][/newsimage]LulzSec, just days after announcing a collaboration with the hacker collective Anonymous that would specifically target official government sites and agencies, has released what it's calling the first of many info dumps related to Operation Anti-Security: Chinga la Migra Bulletin #1.

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Good article. I still find it suspect that Anonymous would support lulzsec - they have totally different agendas (if you can call random an agenda, I suppose you can). In any case, it’s somewhat moot as lulzsec has apparently thrown in the towel -

shrugs Some parts of me hope they are never found.

Something tells me that either the details released about some of the members were on the mark or the guy that was arrested was more closely involved than LulzSec admitted.

Look like they’re packing in now before the net finally closes.