LTR52327S worse than LTR32123S?

Im considering upgrading my cdrw, currently have a ltr32123S.and all that seems available is the LTR52327S, but ive read some bad stuff about this with quality of burning?

Is it any worse than my current one?


My experiences with the 52327S have been nothing short of wonderful. I burned a lot of coasters to one really shitty batch of media (Lead Data), but the QS0A firmware appears to have fixed that.

On anything but the worst media, I’ve had consistently excellent burns. Nice low C1 scores (even when tested in my old 48125W which is flaky at best), and the discs read well in a wide range or CD/DVD drives.

Writing quality of the 7S is alot better than 3S.

My LTR-52327S (QS0A) has really good recording quality, but my LTR-32123S (XS0Z) certainly isn’t bad either. In any case, if you buy an LTR-52327S, it should have just as good recording quality as your 32123S.

Cheers guys, well if i wrote at a lower speed than say 52x, say 32x then quality should be as good i’d hope!

Just i’ve read some mixed opinions on the 7S, like it doesnt burn 99min, and it doesnt copy somethings as well as older chipsets. So i wasnt sure to upgrade, be nice to have a faster rewrite.


Let’s not forget that 52x is a high speed, 32x is not as demanding. In general that is, some media which work excellent at 52x might crap down when burned at 32x, but my point is with good media the later chipsets have much better C1/C2 scores.

G’day all,

If any of you guys are using XS0Z firmware in your LTR-32123S, you will get an instant “upgrade” in writing quality by “upgrading” to XS0X!

For me, writing quality is very good on XS0Z. Besides, XS0Z is faster. :bigsmile: