LTR52327S Reviews?



Anyone seen any reviews on the 52-32-52 burner? I’m just picked one up for 15.00 :smiley: after rebate. Going to hook it up tonight and will post my results later .



I bought one of these drives, as my christmas present… I see they’re suppose to have two discs included, a CD-r and CD-RW… was nothing in my box, but nero. :frowning: :confused:
Either where I got my box, they no longer have the free discs, or I had a duff box. :frowning:

Not fit my cd drive yet, obviously not christmas yet. Crossing everything that I can work it out.:o


I needed an optical drive to get an old system working again. At $19.99 after rebate from Circuit City this seemed like a great deal. This was even cheaper than I could get an a cdrom or dvdrom drive for. Mine came with both a 52x cdr, and a 24x cdrw. The software was Nero Express (not sure if it was 6 or not).


piggin’ fob off… “We’ve never known this item to come with these 2 discs”… Funny, cause I phoned the number on your receipt and was told, yes the box should contain 2 discs, return to store for exchange, and ask them to check before accepting the new unit… the one I picked up didn’t have any in either, but she ended up opening a 10 box of CD-RWs and gave me one of those. It’s a measly 10x Imation CD-RW 650 MB. Will it even work in that drive? Says on front Compatible 4x-10x high speed drives!?!
I got this from their site, tried to tell me, the ones on the web site are totally different… so are there more than one of these?
52 x Write
32 x Rewrite
52 x Read
IDE Interface
Bundled Software
1 CDR Included
1 CDRW Included
Every site from PC shops own, to Liteons official site, to consumer reviews say this should contain the two discs. Funny enough, this was the only CD-RW box without a security strip over the opening. Someone in the warehouse probably helped themselves to all the discs! Pfffft!
Never mind. :a
Hope nothing goes wrong with the drive when I finally fit… I don’t right fancy having to face them again! I knew it was a bad omen, when the woman in the nationwide branch, didn’t know one cd-rw drive from the next. :eek:


So let me get this right…
We buy a terrific burner for $15 and then we get pissed cause it didn’t include $1 worth of free media?


$15? I bloomin’ wish! $70 more like! £39.99 Whatever these rebate things I keep reading about are, I’d like it!
I’m in the UK… $1 media I will never see! :Z

But it’s the principle, innit! :wink:


In the U.S. the media is so cheap on sale it’s not worth much to get one disc anyway. I bought 50 TDK CD-R’s 2 weeks ago at Staples for $1.94 after rebate. Even without the media, it’s a fantastic drive. I put mine in over the weekend w/o any prob. It’s much quieter and refined than my LiteOn 52x24x52 (52246S). I feel like the other one was a prototype for this drive. Still has the gears for the opening mechnism, but opens much smoother. Also, doesn’t sound like a 747 on the runway getting ready for takeoff when extracting audio at maximum speed like my last 2 drives (the LiteOn and a Benq 4816P). The buffer underrun protection works great- my hard drive couldn’t keep up with it and it kicked in several times, but the disc played fine.
Enjoy the new drive- it’s a great one. The one disappointing thing was the software was Nero Express, and appeared to be based on Nero 5.5, not 6 which has been out since the end of the summer. Anyone know if I can update it and how? All I see on the Nero website are updates for the full products, or for Nero Express 6.


Only 3 days until I fit my drive!:stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve read the instruction thingy, says best to use the CD that came with it, Nero… but I have Nero burning rom 5 or something… I was given it as a present when I first bought my new pc, but didn’t get one with CD burner. Hope it works!
What is this rebate thing?? I bought 50 discs when I bought the drive, as cheap as they come, so probably be a load of poop, but they cost me £12.99… $23. Yours cost you £1.10! OMG! I wished I lived there! :Z
I’ve figured out how to fit the drive, went inside my pooter, and had a nose. I’m ok with PC’s, but hardware scares me! :o Looks pimple simple. :cool: Only thing I’m guessing is, to switch slave and master, will have to take other drive out a bit.

I’m a girl, I confuse easily!:confused:

Anyone know how to copy disc to disc? I have a streaming video, which would be easier for me I think to copy disc to disc! Instead of loading it on pc etc. Do I simply copy? Or do I have to do it manually, because of menus etc.:confused: :o


I put the review of my new drive on the epinions site. Just navigate to computer peripherals, it’s inder 52327S.


Cool review.:cool:
Well, I fit my drive on Christmas day, and it was all coolness. :stuck_out_tongue: Nero burning rom I had as a present didn’t work, it recognised my drive, but every option was blanked out… and in the burner part, only neros thing to save to drive, image something or other was there. Installed Nero express, and was all good.
Fitting was a doddle… except there was a metal bar where I had to screw the screws in! Took me about 4 hours to get around that problem!! :o
No coasters of yet. But on friends car stereo, 2 songs on 1 CD jumped a bit at the end of one… and the beginning of the other. Checked for fingerprints, and nothing… was like the laser was not reading it right, cause it was like stuttering or something.:confused:
Pain in bum, cause means if I do anything audio, will have to check it all back. Ahhhh well!
But yeah, all good… very happy!:smiley:


Been told by friend I can run my Nero burning rom from Nero express, yep option there… but, when I install my Nero burning rom it overrides all of my Nero Express, no way to access it anymore. Same if I reinstall Express, removes nero burning rom. When I then tried running nero burning rom again, to see if it worked, it won’t even come up on screen.
Anyone any ideas how to have the both on together?
Probably wrong thread, but don’t know where else to ask, and don’t like starting threads.:o


Try burning the audio cd’s at 40x, not 52x. On some cheaper media on my last LiteOn drive I would get some errors like you described, ussually in the middle tracks of the cd. Redoing the cd’s at 40x solved the problem- very annoying.

With the Nero issue, I would go under control panel, add/remove programs, and remove all of Nero. I would then restart the computer. Then install either Nero, or Express, but not both (the full version does have express built in). And then update to the most recent version. I’m not sure this drive was supported in some of the earlier versions of Nero 5.5, it’s relatively new.

Good luck to both of you.:cool:


I only burn at 40x anyways. Cause read about the speed thing before I even thought of getting a drive. Played back a CD a friend did, she never burns any less than 48x, and the music is all over the place!:rolleyes:
What can data be burned at? Usually do that at 40x too.
I have 40x discs, they read at 52x? Or is that an error read?
Will try that with Nero full laters. I’ve got my serial number, so it’s not that… but with the age thing, yeah quite possibly… had the CD a while now.
Thanks again!:smiley:


While the LiteOn drives are known for NOT being picky about media, I still follow some general rules. By the way, if you can hear a difference with the copy, then you’re doing something wrong. First, I always give the original a quick clean to get the dust and fingerprints off. Name brand media generally gives the best results. I always keep my media fresh to get a better burn. I don’t expose it to light or heat, especially before burnt. Also, the problem may be the player. Some of the older players may do better with certain brands of media. See if you hear the same errors in another player, or even when played in the cdrom drive of the computer. If the player is picky, try the Sony cd-r’s. They have a lighter coloration that looks more like a regular CD.