LTR52327S keeps claiming there's no media in the drive

No matter what I do this is what windows, Nero, SmartBurn and Kprobe tell me: “No media”.

When I insert a disk in the drive, empty or not, the light flashes green for a few seconds and then goes dark. There is no autoplay and the drive refuses to acknowlegde the exustence of the media.

Drive information:

PID LTR-52327S
F/W Revision QS0E
Date Code Feb27 ,2004
Interleaved DMA Not Supported
Command queuing Not Supported
Overlap operation Not Supported
IORDY Supported
IORDY may be disabled Not Supported
LBA Supported
DMA Supported
Multiword DMA mode 2
PIO mode 4
Minimum Multiword DMA transfer cycle time per word 120 ns
Manufacturer¡¦s recommended Multiword DMA transfer cycle time 120 ns
Minimum PIO transfer cycle time without flow control 227 ns
Minimum PIO transfer cycle time with IORDY flow control 120 ns
Major version number ATA/ATAPI-5
SMART feature set Not Supported
Security Mode feature set Not Supported
Removable Media feature set Not Supported
Power Management feature set Not Supported
Burst Rate 10.50 MB/S

There is an utility from microsoft called AUTOFIX.Try it.

You say when you close the tray, empty or not, the light blinks green. Can you hear the drive attempt to spin up (with an empty tray) or the disc spin up to the maximum RPMs? If it does attempt to spin up with no disc but it doesn’t spin up with a CD, then something is failing, possibly the laser head assembly. If the drive DOES spin up, then the problem lies elsewhere. BTW (by the way), how long have you used the drive, what kind of usage/load did you put on it (lot of reading/burning, small amount, etc.), and when did this begin?

The more info you can supply about how you used it, the more you can get help/advice. From one “noob” to another, we are here to help.

Check to see if DMA is turned on. The burst rate seems way low.

DMA was off, but turnigng it on didn’t help. I’ve been using the drive for about ten months and I still have a waranty so I’m going to try to give it back to the distributor and see what happens. I haven’t been using it that much and it’s been giving me all sorts of trouble from the start: It wouldn’t burn on 900MB cds, and sometimes wouln’t even identify them (“No media” not just as 700MB) and after a few months it started having buffer underruns at-least 10 times each burn, with the read buffer COMPLETELY FULL, but I’m guessing that was just the DMA.

Sorry about the slow response, I’m kind of in the army…

I’ll try the autofix and spinup things over the weekend, if I don’t find time to go to the distributor…

I got the drive replaced with a SOHR 52329S

Works fine now.