LTR52327s cluttering noises when writing at the end

At the end of a burn in Nero, it takes the 52327s a long time to end the session around 40sec at 24x) and makes a light cluttering noise. waht is wrong with it? is it dying? andwhat firmware is good for it, i have the QS09 at the moment

hmm i just burned a cd using DAO instead of the normal TAO, and the noise seems to have gone? not too sure. ill do more tests first. i doubt it tho

any ideas?

I have 52327S and using QS0C, I think I know what the sound you are talking about. My drive have the same sound but I have no idea about that…
It seems no problems with writing and reading.
And it appears ramdomly…

yer i know, its just not very assuring lol

I use the latest firmware, I think its QS0E. I have never heard the sounds you are talking about on any of my drives.