LTR48125w help req updating firmware

right im newbie but got to start some where ok i have liteon
LTR48125w drive and id like to update its firmware is it right i can go from its lowest version to its highest firmware without having to go up from version to version till i get to the latest version
if so whats the safest way of updating can i do it from windows
ie click on the firmware exe also the drive is the master on the primary ide so could someone give me a step by step help or does the drive have to be on a different ide channel i have read confusing messages on this and i have read different ways of updating i dont want to mess up so im asking all people on this forum who seem very knowledgable as im new please a step by step guide and ide ifo

Firstly check what firmware your drive has .
It’s quite likely that you don’t even have to update it .

Still the latest official version is VS08 <- click on it,
download and unzip it, click on the .exe file and simply follow the procedure. That’s it .
It’s not as hard as it seems :wink:

I am also newbie with the liteon 48125w i went to the liteOn
site and found updating the firmware strait forward .version vo8
the flash update executes from windows Mine(98) they seemed to only have the latest version .i found there web site to be very
informative. hope this helps some:bigsmile:

did you flash your drive did it work in windows let me know

Originally posted by fender62

did you flash your drive did it work in windows let me know

You don’t have to worry about that, because the Windows flasher works flawlessly.
Just go ahead with it if you want to :wink:

YES i flashed in/or during windows frame it was painless