LTR40125s not recognized by DirectCD5


I just installed the Lite-On LTR-40125s (40x12x48) CD-RW drive on my Win2000 Pro SP2 machine.

However, DirectCD 5 doesn’t recognize it and I can no longer use

I did the following, without any success.

uninstalled then reinstalled DirectCD 5
upgraded the firmware version of the Lite-On burner … got the firmware update from Lite-On site
uninstalled DirectCD 5 since it still didn’t see the Lite-On
installed InCD … can’t access any of my (directcd formatted) CD-RW disks
uninstalled InCD
installed DirectCD 5
upgraded EZ CD Creator Platinum 5.02b to 5.0.104j (ecdc_v5.1_plt.exe)
updated the supported writers for EZ CD Creator (DriveUp_v51j.exe)

the installation of DirectCD 5 doesn’t work… it still doesn’t
recognize the Lite-On drive, plus it doesn’t even start up when my
computer starts (like it’s supposed to).
When I open DirectCD, it doesn’t list any supported drives and I can’t even figure out what version of DirectCD it is… the help and web checkup buttons don’t work

Please advise how I can resolve this problem.
Where can I get a hold of the DirectCD 5.1 update? I’ve seen some posts that indicate that 5.1 works with the LTR-40125s drive.

I’ve installed the Adaptec UDF Reader (version 5), and can read the contents of my CD-RW disks. But, I still want to be able to write to my (directcd formatted) CD-RW disks

I was told that I shouldn’t (can’t) run two packet-writing applications at the same time-- can’t have DirectCD and InCD (or the UDF Reader).
Is this true?

Thank you kindly.
Regards, CD

1: Why not use Nero and InCD which should be included with the drive? Much better in my opinion…

2: Roxio is slow at updating recorder support, and sometimes recorder support is only added to the the Basic version and not the Platinum version.

3: Do it work in Easy CD-Creator? I thought that if it worked in Easy CD Creator it should work with DirectCD as well.

4: Time to bug Roxio to support this drive? :stuck_out_tongue:

OC-Freak, thanks for the reply.

The one CD I made with Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum didn’t work; although, I suppose burning at 24x could have messed up the CD… I dunno. Easy CD Creator recognizes my drive, and provides the appropriate burn rates. But, DirectCD doesn’t even see the Lite-On.

At any rate, Nero works fine for me. I can create a data CD and copy a CD (burning at 12x)

I believe the DirectCD 5 works with the Lite-On LTR-40125s, according to comments in another forum and in a post in alt.periphs.cdr.

Does InCd 3.12 recognize (read from / write to) DirectCD 5 cdr’s / cdrw’s ?
When I installed it, I couldn’t access any of my existing CD-RW’s (with or without data).


If I’m right InCD do not support DirectCD formatted discs…

btw there is a new InCD version at as well.