LTR40125S f/w ZSxx to 48x or 52x



i read the faq and it said this model is overclockable,but i can’t find any firmware or info how to do it…
Please help…
Appreciate it


20 views and still no sight of helps :frowning:



have u tried using the search function at all? there are so many threads already covering this subject.

u basically just use mtkflash to flash ur drive w/ the firmware of the drive u’re trying to o/c to. u can find the specific instructions in the other threads.


dude you can o/c it to 48125s. Easy as that. Look at the chipset number, the last one. 5’s flash to 5’s and 6’s to 6’s etc. And ge thte last letter right too.


Originally posted by kwkard

dude you can o/c it to 48125s.


I’d say 48125 S/ W depending on which .bin file you’re gonna choose.
Before there was no other option to o/c it than like this > 40125S to 48125W.

Since your drive belongs to the 5th generation chipset,
it’s not gonna be possible to take it further than to 48x.
A dream that never come true.
It’s sad but… true.