Ltr24102b not recognized as a drive



I’m trying to install lite-on model number ltr24102b as a slave drive and windows xp is not recognizing it at all in ‘my computer’ or in device manager.

no drive letter is assigned to it. It should be drive e. the jumper on the cd burner is set to slave. (the dvd burner set to master and working perfectly). the wires seem to be set correctly. There is power to the burner as I can open and close the tray. In BIOS, I have set it to auto and still not detected.

Please help as I am stumped.


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Welcome :slight_smile: Try deleting the IDE channel in ‘device manager’ that the drive resides on, and rebooting. This will force XP to reinstall the channel and any drive on it.


Check IDE cable…replace t if needed .
does bios recognize drive at all?


Thanks for the welcome and suggestion. I deleted the IDE channel and I saw that it had recognized my dvd drive as well as IDE channels. Went to ‘my computer’ to see if an extra drive letter was assigned to the lite-on cd burner and no luck. I suppose I could take a picture of the wiring but not sure if it will allow me to post it here.


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Try physically unplugging the dvd burner and install your cd burner as master with no slave. This is to see if the drive can be recognized on a known working channel. The next step will be to put the dvd burner as slave with the cdrw as master.( just a funny thought, are you sure the slave cable is installed correctly on the back of the cdrw?)


thanks for the replies. I finally got it to recognize! It turned out to be a faulty IDE ribbon that connected to both the dvd burner and this cd burner. Replaced the ribbon and recognized as drive E.