LTR-52327S (VQS5A) CD sync problem

A while ago I started experiencing CD sync problems with this drive.
I have to load and eject the CD/blank media several times before the drive recognizes the CD. This happens with both pressed and burned CDs (high quality burns with both this drive and a Plextor Premium).
This happens also before any OS loads (non OS related).
It happend also with the previous firmware for this drive (58).

This drive is connected as the primary master to an Asus P4C800 Deluxe board.

Any idea?


Hmm, checked more into that and it seems I was wrong about the pressed CDs, the drive does recognize them quickly. The drive also recognizes other types of CDR media properly.
It seems the problem is only in recognizing some types of CDR media.

I’d understand low burn quality for blank media it can’t detect the type of (and thus the burning strategy to use for that media), but why doesn’t the drive recognizes the CD for reading???

Seems like a bug in the drive’s working methology.