LTR-52327S / Sony CRX230E-B2 firmware question



I am planning on getting one of these: LTR-52327S or Sony CRX230E-B2. I have read here that they are the same drive. Are the firmwares exchangeable between them? Or I have to stick with the Sony FWs for the Sony drive and the same with Liteon? I need the best FW for backing up actual games (not any protection in particular but I guess Safedisc is used a lot).

I have very good experiences with the folks that have the Sony, the only folks that have the Liteon are more compliacted for returns. I still go for the Sony?

Thanks a lot!


Never heard of the E-B2. There’s an E, E5, and ED… each of which represents a different drive.

Most (though not all) Sony CD-RWs are LiteOn-made. There are a few exceptions (like the E5). If it is LiteOn-made, conversion to a LiteOn using LiteOn firmware is possible if desired. You just have to make sure that you’re using the correct LiteOn firmware…


E5? Who makes it? The 230E is a 52327S and ED is a 5238S, I’m pretty sure.


The CRX230E-B2 is not the real model number, just a name given by the seller. It probably is a black OEM CRX230E drive.

CRX230E* models:




Thank you. I guess I will better get the Liteon for be in the secure side.