LTR-52327S slow when reading burned media

I recently purchased a LTR-52327S for my new system with a Asus A7V8X-X motherboard. It reads pressed media instantly, like any normal CD drive should, but when I put in CDs I burned, it takes a looong time to calibrate the laser and begin the read. On my LTR-52246S the burned CD’s read instantly mind you.

It can take as long as 20 seconds to start reading the burned media. However, pressed media always reads instantly, any ideas whats going on?

BTW, the firmware revision is QS53, November 18, 2003, if this helps any. Thanks.

EDIT: Sorry forgot to mention. The 52327s is connected to the secondary IDE channel by itself, set to master, and I am using the standard MS drivers for the IDE channel and the drive itself.

THe most likely cause of this is CDR’s that have high error rates.

That means every single CD-R that I have, regardless of brand or burner from which it originated, has massive errors?

I find that hard to believe, especially since my other CD R drive has no problem reading any of my burned CD’s.

You could always check the disks for errors and then you would know if thats the problem. The drive is an excellent one and if everything is setup right, It should read fine. I know you checked everything else but did you check DMA ?

Yeah, DMA is on.

How can I check for errors?


How can I check for errors?

In your case, having a liteon drive, Kprobe ver 1.1.28 should be helpful.

The kprobe thread, download, general instructions, etc.

Interpreting C1/C2 error scans.

I have RMA’d the drive to newegg for another one. The new one that just came in has the old QS0x firmware indicating a 1st revision from what I gather.

It has no problems reading any burned media whatsoever so it was the drive in the first place. Just thought i’d let you all know that.