LTR-52327S Set-Up Problem

Hey everyone. I recently purchased an LTR-52327S 52x CD-RW drive. My problem is that I cannot get the drive to read ANY CD or to rip tracks from a music CD. If I try to read any CD I get a memory reference error, and if I try to rip a CD I get

“CODEC decompression error for ‘\CdRom\Track01.cda’
Unable to Rip track - make sure correct Ripping method is selected and CD Drive supports digital audio extraction.”

I tried this drive in my other computer set as master with no slave and another cd-rw drive in this computer set as master with a slave and both worked fine that way. Any advice suggestions? Build date on my drive is 12/2003

Edited to add: I don’t know how (if at all) relevant this will be but since it works in my 2nd pc my roommate and I are assuming it has something to do with my serial/ide hard drive combination in this pc.

Have a look at this guide first.

Thanks for the reply after switching my drives back and forth (several times) the cd-rw drive began working (well as far as reading and ripping CDs. It appears I have a bad/corrupted hardware profile because my dvd-rom is now E and my cd-rw skipped to G instead of F. Oh well thanks again.