LTR-52327S questions

Hello all. I have some questions regarding the drive.
I and a friend of mine have bought the same model of the drive,within a week. He got the “old” revision , I got the “New” one. We both successfully updated the firmwares of the drives with the original Lite-On stuff foun on the Lite-On site.
What happens now is that the burning quality of the “new” , no-eeprom drive is considerably higher,and the burning speed also a bit quicker.
1 - Is it supposed to be that way,the newer-better?
2 - If the “new” drive works better,then why the sticky thread , with a word “caution” in it?

The warning concerns the fact that flashing the second revision drive the wrong way could cause your drive to no longer function.

And that’s the only bad thing in the new revision of the drive ? That it can be ruined by applying the wrong firmware?

There shouldn’t really be any overwhelming difference in performance.

Thanx for the quick ,polite and complete response.