LTR-52327S No Read/Write

Hi!, my freind ask me to check his CD RW why it cant read some disc. i try putting some newly burned disc to test it and when it initialize (spin up) there some noise like the some part of the disc is scraching on something(wild pitch sound) i ejected the disc and found no scrach. i then put my winxp disc and nothing happened. i try open it up and test it again. when the drive intialize, the spindle didnt spin the way it use to be. (and the sound comes from the spindle itself IMO)i try removing all plastic parts and clean it using some household cleaning and dry it off ( i didnt clean the head part, just one big air blow on the lens.) and then fix it up.

for some reason, it read some disc, but when i eject and put it back, the same problem accured. i have flash a new FW on this unit and test, still no respond on the disc. some of my friends told me that i need to adjust the lens laser( the PT near the lens) to caliberate it. should i adjust it or look for some more solutions for this?

i know its kinda old but well fixing this will give me a head on for something! :slight_smile:

any hint?



cleaning the head part and regreasing the rails, this is all you can do. You can’t adjust the lens, unless you have the same equipment as the manufacturer of the drive.