LTR-52327S, new firmware - QS0A

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(sorry for the “Unknown Manufacturer”, KProbe says that for all burns – how do I fix that?)

disable media hiding options for clonecd or alcohol if u have those installed.

Thanks, AZImmortal, I switched it off in Alcohol and it works perfectly now.

Edit: Wait, it works in media checkers like SmartBurn and KProbe’s info tab, but my graphs still save with “Unknown Manufacturer.” :frowning:

I have some LeadData (Jensen 48x) here that’s pretty crappy. I tried it at full speed and still have a lot of C2 at the end with QS0A, haven’t tried it slower yet. But it did seem a little better than before.

Here’s my LeadData. It’s limited to 48x by SmartBurn, but the drive actually downshifts to 40x at around 60%.
(you have to watch the 7S very closedly to catch a downshift, as there’s no yellow light to alert you.)
Even with the downshift to 40x, it’s not so good, you can easily see where it downshifted.

That’s the beauty of media like LeadData, every spindle is a new adventure. These don’t even work at 32x.
Burned at 32x:

Oh, I forgot to mention, my Lead Datas were SmartBurn-rated to 48x, but I get exactly the same results as you do at 48x, rdgrimes (including a SmartBurn speed bump just over halfway through).

At 40x I reliably (well, four burns so far, who knows what the rest of the spindle will bring :slight_smile: ) get results like the ones I posted. Pre-QS0A, a burn at any speed gave me a nice fat red stripe in KProbe, as in your shots.

Here’s the ATIP info, for what it’s worth:

Disc Type = CDR
Material = Cyanine
Lead In = 97:26:54
Lead Out = 79:59:74
Nominal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f/LBA:359849)
Manufacturer Maybe = Lead Data Inc.
Smart-Burn Speed Limit = Wrt(48X),Rd(12X)

I found that my burner doesn’t like to READ the LeadData at more than 32x. At 32x and below, it looks great.

this firmware has made the drive only allow 10x burning on these Verbatim 12x CDRW discs, interesting. I had no trouble with 12x with them before, wonder why the switch.

It did the same thing with some CMC CD-Rs. They worked fine before at 48x (quality was fine), but they are now limited to 40x. Oh, well.

Maybe they didn’t release this firmware officially, because they aren’t either satisfied with the writing quality regarding CD-RWs…

yeah, I see it still isn’t up on their page. time to figure out how to get qs09 back for the meantime I guess, heh

time to figure out how to get qs09 back for the meantime I guess, heh

all you need is a .bin file and LtnFlash.

thanks, yeah, I was already on the trail, hehe. finally found a link to ltnflash and the rom was easy enough to find

ok whick frimware( QSO9 or QSOA) do i use for ripping protected audio cds(CDS 200) and (CDS 300)

I don’t think it matters for that use, but isn’t QS0A still not officially been released? Probably the only differences between the two firmwares would be related to recording anyways. The fact that the QS0A that is out there makes the drive treat the stack of 12x CDRWs I have here as 10x, plus the reports of horrible CDRW recording quality, made be go back to QS09, myself.

I don’t know if anyone noticed this yet, with QS0A, the reading speed is limited to 12x, I use nero info to check…, so I flashed back to QS09, everything back to normal

I have flashed both of my drives with QS0A, and both drives read normally. Is it possible that you looked at the reading speed when a blank disc was in the drive? Lite-On drives normally report 12x as the read speed when a blank disc is in the drive.

yeah that might be it.