LTR-52327S: From QS54 to QS5A

I’ve had my LTR-52327S (Rev 2) for several years now. However, I recently noticed that I still had the original QS54 firmware on it. I just upgraded to QS5A, and WOW what a difference! Now it burns at P-CAV instead of CLV… so it takes 3.15 minutes to burn a full CD-R instead of 6.25 minutes. Although the C1 errors went up a tad… but not by much. You guys might want to upgrade for those whom still use this old drive (I just use it to burn CD-R)… but then again I just use TY CD-R’s.

Here are some scans:

Less CPU usage, too. :slight_smile:

haha oh wow… alot less CPU usage. No wonder system use to feel soo sluggish when burning CD-R’s.

That was a DMA issue, probably unrelated to the firmware. Flashing the firmware forced the OS to install a “new” drive, and set it for DMA instead of PIO. My hunch is that you were a victim of WinXP’s habit of dropping drives into PIO. You could have acomplished the same thing by just uninstalling the drive in device manager and rebooting.