Ltr-52327s Firmware?

I have a LTR-52327S LITEON manufactured 12/2003 and was wondering what firmware coud it be???

I have a couple of questions that maybe somebody could help me out with???

1.How do i find out what firmware version i have with a CD-RW DRIVE??? Is there a program???As i also have a LG GCE-8523B CD-RW drive as well.

2.Why upgrade the firware version???
I was always told as a kid “if its not broken, dont fix it”

and after reading some links, after upgrading firmware there drives stopped working!!!

please explain


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  1. Download NeroInfoTool from, and it will tell you which firmware you have.

2)Updating firmware generally betters media compatibility, and in some cases can even add features to the drive, like Mt Rainier.Again, that old adage is true… only update your firmware IF IT FIXES SOMETHING!