LTR-52327S firmware QS0C problems

LTR-52327S firmware QS0C problems.

just to make it clear, i never tried out or tested my drive with firmware utils, other then the official ones.

Ever since the upgrade the drive has become vesy unstable, about 50% of all my burns end up unreadble, although all burns end up succefully. I am using Nero 6.3. and since the upgrade the only real differance i see is that the CDRW’s buffer is a bit more unstable, and near the end of the burn might jump down as much as to 50%-60%, but jups right back to about 85-97, never to 0 while the system buf stays at 98-100 throughout the burnning.
I havent changed anything else(software or hardware like) and using the same cdr’s keg as i did before(an LG - 48x).
makes no differance if i burnt at 32x-40x-48x.

:confused: Did anyone else expirienced problems after ugrading to QS0C??

Are there any known problems with this firmware?

Is it worth risking reverting back to an older version?(is it a risk at all?)

Wouls appriciate any help/advice/insight anyone can give!!

I don’t have that drive or no anyone who has it. however, if the problem is ONLY with the new firmware and it was working great before, then just use this util to patch an older firmware and allow u to revert to that version:

just make sure u right click the firmware exe from in windows explorer and in properties, uncheck read only.

I know I’ve read that ‘Turn off read only’ somewhere else as well.

Added info to LiteOn Tools sticky FlashFix area.

Thanks for the reminder :smiley:

I downgraded the firewire back to …09,
it didnt change, but strangly enough when i upgraded back again to …C all strange behaviour has gone away, like it never happend…:slight_smile: