LTR-52327S erases ATIP?

Didn’t know where to put it…but just decided to post it over here :wink:
Okay, the problem is as described in topic - I don’t know if that’s actually erasing, but after I make a burn, ATIP data on the CD disappears. SmartBurn says “Unknown Manufacturer”, so says KProbe. CD-R ATIP Reader just returns a lot of 0’s in the ATIP sector.
Here’s an image in SmartBurn before burn and that’s how it looks after the operation.

All the ideas are greatly appreciated.

Is this like the Plextor feature where it does the ‘hide media being CD-R’? If so, I think many people would like to know how you managed this. :slight_smile: Heck, I’d like to know how Plextor does it. :slight_smile:

This is normal, methinks. For some reason, some drives can’t read the ATIP of a burned disc. It doesn’t mean that it got “erased.” My 1653S can’t read ATIPs of burned discs. But my 1693S can. Don’t know if it’s something to do with the drive model or if it’s something that varies from drive to drive.

Strange, SmartBurn see the RiTEK ATIP from my 52327S w/QS5A firmware before and after the burn.

My LTR-52327S at QS5A sees the SONY Corporation MID (as well as the 702.xx MB max capacity) of my media both before and after the burn. Maybe it is a thing with Revision 1 drives?