LTR-52327S EEPROM Mystery

Anyone know why offset 0004000 is fulfilled with SONY.CORPORATION ?

drive is 2003-05-26 made. anyone else noticed sony corporation in their’s liteon ltr-52327s drives ?

(box version of drive)

JV with Sony, IIRC. Maybe Sony are helping out in EEPROM programming? They do inter-rebadging, so this is just another way of working together, IMO.

Could anyone dump his/her drive’s (mostly 7S but in 6S i’m curious too) eeprom (using lntflash) and see if there is a sony.corporation string ?

Watch your steps! Do not do any linking to eeprom files or ltnflash :wink:

btw, my LTC-48161H do also have the sony string.

I heard that the 52327S has a Sony pick-up head (PUH); maybe that’s why that text is in there.