LTR-52327S dead?

Hi to everybody,

I have a serious problem: from when I have adjourned the 52327s firmware, unfortunately I don’t succeed in effecting as before more than the cd; I often get some bankrupt writings, while when they succeed the following verification of black it always finds some errors. From how much I have read around you/he/she should belong to the first revision. I now find me the firmware qs57 and I don’t succeed in any way in getting away. Besides I am afraid to have damaged the eeprom.
And’ possible riscriverla with a correct eeprom or this masterizzatore is to throw?


this is the response of winmtkflash when i downgrade to qs0b firmware… HELP

" Press Browse Load A Bin/Hex File And Flash.
ERR: fail to identify the flash type!
Please wait a moment…
Complete! Please restart your computer. "

I´m not sure I understand you righ…
Maybe you could get some help from our Italian chat section.

For Samurri, in italian language

Samurri, prova a descrivere il problema nella chat italiana.

I traduttori automatici italiano->inglese tipo babelfish non fanno un gran lavoro in questi casi…



made a lot of sense to me…:rolleyes: :confused: :confused: