LTR-52327S can't read subchannel data correctly, even with latest firmware?


Using my Lite-On LTR-52327S drive with any of the imaging programs like Nero, CloneCD etc, if I read an image of any CD in twice, and compare the subchannel data, the subs are always different in many places.

:Z WTF? I just flashed it with the latest firmware (QS5A)! :confused:

These drives are supposed to be good. Can anyone tell me why I get different subchannel results on subsequent reads? I’m trying to make EXACT copies of my audio CDs, including subs and eveything, and this is inconvenient.

Please respond if you can help. This applies to any program I have used so far that reads subs; is my drive just unable to position properly? The CDs were in pretty good nick, too.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile: I really hope you can help out!

Sorry to bump this topic back to the top (hope I haven’t annoyed any mods), but I am pretty raging at my drive by this point and I’d appreciate any help or explanations as to its crappy subchannel reading.

Do I need to (de)activate any of the weird options like busmastering, double buffering, sync data transfer, etc? Apart from subs, my drive is fine, but I’m perplexed about this problem.