LTR-52327S and Fast error skip

I have recently purchased this drive. I had an old Acer 24x that didn’t Fast error skip. I apologize if I’m reapeating a thread, but searching yeilded nothing for me.

This Liteon 52x doesn’t fast error skip. I just tried to read in my generals zero hour cd and it did the normal taking forever read. I’ve never seen a liteon not fast error skip.

Is it the game I’m trying to read?

Is it the drive?

Which Firmware if any can I use to get Fast error skipping?

Let me know, or I need to return this possibly.


you hav to enable the option
no drive will automatically skip read errors, it would be ludacris

enable it in clonecd? I thought it was automatically…

If i need to do it on my drive, how do I do that?


no its not enabled automatically
in clone 4 and up
right click on the profile u use
goto Edit-< error handling
select automatic fast error skip settings
deslect all of the options under it

works fine for me with these settings