Ltr-52327 + sd9 + horror

the story

mohaa breaktrough (s2.9) according clony xxl

copy sofware alcohol 120%
good old ccd

coasters so far 9 on various brand’s of cdr

tried different read speed/burning speed/setting’s
copy’s burnt on a philips cdrw 80 4~12 speed works like a charm!
(ccd copy works not in the burner)
all the cdrw copy’s do not work in the benq 1650s dvd (hate that shitty dvdplayers!!! they are very very pickey even more than the tosh’s and the tosh works great!!!
tested the burner its a 2 sheep burner :stuck_out_tongue: faild on the sd29 test :a

i’m wondering how the other’s who claim to make good copy’s do that

i don’t use any kind of emulation :cool:

the ccd /fireburner trick didn’t work too another coaster:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

wondering if i can flash the benq dvd’s with liteon firmware but wich one? because they are in my kid’s pc’s and they use the copy’s (org ik keep to myself ofcourse)

there’s a new challenge for the softwaredevelopers i think
:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

getting mad i think with testing all the coasters with nero cd speed in the burner three cdr copy’s work in the burner !!!
can someone give a light about that
i think it where the ccd copy’s that work in the burner don’t no for sure :confused:


got the new firmware Qsoa/ according sheep test it’s a sd2.9 killer now!!! do some more testing


no succes yet with breaktrough same results:(
anyone any ideas?