LTR-52327 Not Compatible With Prodisc Media ?!

Well, months ago I posted my experiences with Fuji media when they switched from TY to Prodisc (in their new 100 spindle packs). Well, it seems that Memorex has now gone over to Prodisc as well for their 100 packs. And once again, I got a near-100% blow out on every disc burned (Nero 5.5x).

Not one gave a successful burn at 52x,48x,40x, and many blew out even at 32x - no overburns (even of 2mb) were successful at ANY speed.

Now this is a burner that will regularly burn 20mb+ on TY, Ritek, and sometimes even CMC discs.

I’m using QSOB firmware.

I’d like to hear some other responses on this drive and Prodisc media. I know I’ve gotten responses that Prodisc media (in general) is not exactly the worst (and some have rated it higher than CMC), but not with respect to this specifc burner & firmware.

     --- DeathStalker