LTR-52246S Problems

I have a LTR-52246S since at least 5 years… Almost everyday I burn a cd… Now, in the last 5-6 burns there are some problems with “fully burned” cds.
The fact is that when I burn an 80 min cd which is almost full, at the end of the burning, 95-99%, the burner emits some mechanical noises and the led becomes orange. The buffers are all about at 100%, so no buffer problems. After a while the burner finishes its work and the cd seems to be correct…
Where can be the problem? Is my cd burner at the end of its life?
Another question, is possible, in any way, to know how many cds I have burned with it?

Many thanks!

  1. the real 52246s was released early/mid 2003. that’s only 2 years
  2. if the discs are ok then there’s no problem
  3. count them

I disassembled my ltr… The problem is that the cd support is worn and the cd slips on it… So my ltr has finished its util life… :frowning: :frowning:
Now i should buy another one… Which model should I take into consideration?


??? :rolleyes:

get a 52327s.

I agree…I really like my LTR-52327S. I got it last year (using birthday money)…I was leery at first because it was so cheap (@Circuit City), but now I am glad I have it. It hasn’t been a problem at all, and I have yet to burn a coaster (that isn’t due to me using a scratched up CD-RW to make an audio CD, heh). The only downside to it, as I believe is to quite a few Lite-On drives, is the long disc load detection process (only around 10 seconds though). Other than that, if you can grab one, get it! you won’t be sorry. (On a side note, some say that if you get a 2nd revision [made in 2004, without an EEPROM] model, it will generally perform and withstand massive burning better than the 1st revision would.)

Ok, i can get a LTR-52327S from my local dealer… It’s very cheap… But I’ve seen that there is a combo model, which reads dvds and reads/writes cds, how about it? It’s a SOHC-5232K-02C, which is 52x52x32 like the LTR-52327S and 16x for dvd reading…

don’t know about combo drives. but yo already have a dvdrw that can read dvds.
better get the 53327s, it’s one of the best cd-writers.

Ok… How about cd-audio reading? My previous ltr was able to read without errors at about 40x! Is the LTR-52327s so good too?


yes, all liteons perform very good.

ON the CD LiteON does rule the CD-Rewriter world Lo…

give the faith with LiteON…with Cd Woo LiteON just rule with Quality :smiley:

i have 52246s…still running like a horse…burn about 500…about 12 spindle of 50 la no sure :rolleyes:


I did a test or two using a 70-minute burned audio CD in my LTR-52327S (firmware QS5A)…I attached the text file from Nero DAE Checker to show you the speed, error count, etc. as the disc progresses, as well as a screenshot after the test was completed. I also attached a pic of the same 70-minute audio CD after the normal tests in Nero CD Speed…it reaches a pretty good speed for a 70 minute CD, don’t you think? I will do a data CD Speed test if needed (deleted all of the ones I had already done).

BTW I am running an Athlon T-Bird 900 MHz on an Asus K7M with 256 MB PC100/133 SDRAM…UDMA 33 enabled…on a VIA 686A chipset (late 2000 model hp pavilion xl768…so you dont have to worry about your system being slow at all ;).

status.txt (2.5 KB)

Many thanks to all… I’ve ordered the LTR-52327S!
Thanks again!

I received my LTR-52327S but i noticed it’s a SOHR-5238S! Is this drive equivalent to the other? Should I ask for a change with the real 52327S?


The 52327S has been out of production for over a year now, so you’ll have a very hard time finding it. The 5238S is the drive that has replaced it. AFAIK, they are similar in performance.