LTR-52246S Problem

Hi agn. Well,got the new drive and popped out the old 40x Acer drive. Set the jumper to Master and plugged it in.
This is a 2 drive setup with the other drive being a LTR-52246s also. The " old " LTR works just fine as always but the new one keeps giving me a msg ( Only part of a read process memory or write process memory request was completed ). Is there a problem with compatability using 2 CD-RW drives in one machine?

The old setup worked fine. Device mgr finds no problems and properties are OK. Tnx agn

System is:
Half gig mem

So let me get this straight, you have 2 LTR-52246S in the same system, and while the first one works, the second one’s being an ass.

What mobo and how’s your drives setup? You said the new 52246S is set as Master, but on IDE1 or 2? What about the old 52246S or the HD?

Hi Stoner. You have been a help in the past. Sorry about lack of info. Without being lengthly on setup , the " ONLY " change to my system is the removal of a CD drive with the new LTR drive. Same settings on drives Etc,etc. All worked well this morning. System is " clean ". Just never had a machine with 2 CD-RW’s in it.


Abit BE-6II rev.2
1/2 Gig of RAM
60 Gig HD ( Gobs of space avaiable )
Now ( 2-LTR-52246s drives )
Yesterday ( 1-LTR-62246s and 1-Acer 40x CD drive,not CD-RW )
New to CD-RWs , NOT to systems , this machine runs ( squeeky ) clean.
OS XP Pro with all SPs and patches

Hope this helps.

I’ve had up to 4 in this box with no conflicts. Try removing the IDE controller in device manager and rebooting. Also make double sure that your cables and jumpers are right, (do not use cable select settings). Also try swapping the 2 RW drives and see if the problem moves too.
If this does not help, please post back with a complete list of relavant software on your system. You could also run Nero Infotool and see what it has to say.

Yup, I would double check the IDE and power connections on the new Lite-On. You can also clear CMOS then go into your mobo’s BIOS and manually detect the IDE devices. If you have both Lite-Ons on IDE2 as Master and Slave, switch one to IDE1 as Slave and see if that’ll help. BTW, you’re not using a PCI IDE controller right? Just checking, 'cause CDRWs don’t like being on third party controllers.

Hi Stoner and FTgrimes. Well here is the latest on the LTR-52246s. I have switched ribbon cables between the two drives. Swaps the problem. Disconnected each drive and then each on its own works OK.
The original LTR-52246s is on IDE-1. The new LTR-52246s is on IDE-2( where the old Acer 40x CD was ). I have my hard drive at IDE-3 which is a DMA-66 device. Nothinf on IDE-4( also a DMA-66 device ). Changed to a new ribbin cable ,no luck either. As I have stated , the ONLY change was the removal of the Acer and the install of the LTR drive.
This machine has always worked perfectly in the past. What do I do next? Thanks

Hi. Sorry for not trying to complete a checkout. Either drive will work on either cable,so both drives are OK. Only " ONE " will work with the machine at a time. Can’t be IDE ports, can’t be cables , can’t be drives. Device mgr shows no problems, info CD has no problems, nero shows both drives available,system info has no problems. Bottom line, can’t keep both drives connected to the machine together. HELP

sounding more like a software issue. Have you disabled the XP burning service? And, what do you have installed for burning?
If the burners are on separate channels, try them on the same channel.

I never thought about the software issue because device mgr and all other showed no problems. Remember I am new , How bout I never installed " any " software ,like the nero that came with the drive. I already have nero that I bought and have used with the other drive. If it’s software then why can Nero see both drives when they are connected but still give the problem and also work fine with each drive when I have only one of them connected at a time?

I doubt that it’s a Nero problem, but it won’t hurt to uninstall and re-install.
Does the problem only occur with the drive that’s on the secondary channel? Let’s refresh:
Primary master is HD
Primary slave is 52246S
Secondary master is 52246S

Both drives will work in either primary slave postiion OR in secondary master position? But not with both connected at the same time…

First drive is on IDE-1 as Master,Second drive is on IDE-2 as Master. I can switch the ribbon cables and they both still work , seperately, as I stated. You must be on line at this time. If you can E-Mail me your tel # I will call you right now. If you are uncomfortable I understand. I can give you more info in 5 min on the phone than I can here in 5 days.

Hi agn. I still can’t get the two drives to co-exist with each other. Each one will work fine on it’s own. I can swap drives to cables,OK, can swap cables to IDE slots on MOBO,OK, but when I have both drives connected to the MOBO at the same time,problems.

Agn to recap, Device Mgr. shows all is well,Properties show both drived have Drivers, CD info shows both drives are there. My computer sees both. I have a purchased copy of Nero 5.5.10 and also Clone CD for software.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

your C: drive should be on IDE 1 as master not a writer. put it as slave on IDE 1 and see what happens.

My C Drive is on IDE-3 because it it a Ultra DMA66 port. There is nothing wrong with the congig of the MOBO.

so, the “problem” only occurs with the drive that is on the secondary channel? (when both are connected), and either drive will have the problem when it is on the secondary channel?
If so, then it seems the problem is with the secondary channel, as you have eliminated the drives as a problem. Or, the problem is with Nero, but as you have stated, Nero will run either drive normally when they are alone on either channel. Have you removed and reinstalled Nero? If not, remove it and do a complete file and registry search (ahead and nero and incd) and delete, then reinstall. Do not install InCD at this time, just for the sake of cleanliness. I’m not aware of any instances of Nero selling a locked OEM version, it always works with 2 liteon drives as far as I know, especially 2 identical drives.
Have another look at all your BIOs settings too.
As can you specify exactly what happens and the error message? you could even copy the Nero log.

RDGrimes. Thanks Will try the uninstall Nero and a complete reg clean then reinstall. For info , the BIOS seems fine with all. The firmware on the new drive is dif rrom the older drive also ( should have mentioned it before , although I wouldn’t think that is the problem. I saw posted an update to the firmware in the first drive I bought right after I bough it. Downloaded it and all worked well also.

Firmware on older drive: 6SOA
Firmware on new drive : 6SO4

Don’t know if this helps.

I would update the firmware, but I doubt it’s part of the problem.

BTW, have you tried putting both drives on the primary channel?

Remember the MOBO has 4 slots for drives. IDE1 and 2 are conventional, IDE-3 and 4 are DMS-66 devices. I have one HD and it’s on IDE-3. Has always been and works perfectly. Therefore whI have done is to put each CD on its own slot. CD-1 is the primary device on IDE-1. CD-2 is the primary device on IDE-2. Has worked this way up to this change without any problems at all. PERFECT for ever. I do not know if it makes any difference but also remember the drive that got replaced was a CD drive, not a CD-RW drive.

I repeat, have you tried putting both drives on the MB primary channel? This would rule out software problems if it works.