LTR-52246S Gone Bad!

Ever since I upgraded to 6SOF my burner refuse to read. I can’t even run the read or write test in Nero CD Speed to completion. A couple seconds after the tests start I get an a msg about a Seek Error. I tried flashing back to 6SOA and 6SOD, I even tried flashing down to 48x speed but to no avail :frowning: . Over the past few days it has gotten worst but the smazing thing is that I can still burn at full speed.

Can anyone PLEASE help me ??

MTKFlash by DOS or through windows? Do the former w/ 6S0D if you flashed w/ the win method. Besides that, I can think of only one thing: your drive is fscked. But hey, at least it burns.:Z

…if it works, don’t fix it…

I flashed with both 6SOD and 6SOA in windows and with 6SOA in DOS

You missed a spot.

MTKFlash in DOS w/ 6S0D.

Just falshed to 6S0D in DOS…it didn’t even make it past the spinnning up drive in CD Speed :frowning: