LTR-52246S Firmware

I have a Liteon LTR-52246S CDRW drive. Current firmware is 6S0A. I want to update firmware to match more media - 6S0D. Latest offered on Liteon website is 6s0F which is to strengthen the overburn function. 6S0D is greyed out and not available. Judging by the size of the file, D is not included in F as F is smaller than D.

Where can I find a safe version of 6s0D?

Thanks for your help.

6S0F is smaller than 6S0D because it is using a rewritten Windows Flaher which is smaller, not because it doesn’t contain 6S0D.

You don’t need to update to 6S0D before 6S0F. Each time you flash, the firmware is completely overwritten.

Thanks a lot. The deed is done and everything appears to be working OK.