LTR-52246S: can't flash under W2000

I’ve tried to update the firmware from 6S04 to 6S0A with the official file from Liteonit, without any luck.
I’ve a Pioneer DVD as master and LTR as slave.
The process starts with the flash utility by a single green Led flash on " Writr BIN to DRAM" and after 23 minutes it goes to " Read back and verify drive’s DRAM" giving the next error: Compare BIN and DRAM fail.

After restarting, the drive still with the old formware.
It seems to me that the writting process is not performed really.

Any idea?

Thanks & BR

Install it using MTKFLASH :bigsmile:

Or try running the Lite-On updater in Win2K compatibility mode (right-click the file and go to properties).

Hello nutsack.

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